Fathering Connection

Let’s face it guys…we just don’t naturally gather in small groups and discuss our feelings.

Football?  You Bet!  Politics?  Sure.   The Weather?  It looks like rain.

But sharing what we really think and feel and emotional stuff?  No way.

But when a group of guys realize that every man in the room shares the same struggles something kinda cool happens…

The Fathering Connection is a safe place for guys to talk about what it means to be a man without having to pretend they got it all together.

It’s REAL MEN talking about what it means to be a REAL MAN.

The Fathering Connection is free and often satisfies requirements for those who have been ordered to take a parenting class.  Sessions follow the 24-7 Dad Curriculum developed by National Fatherhood Initiative.

To learn more about these classes, contact us by clicking here…CONTACT or by calling 423.318.6914



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